Is your current remote work solution harming your business?

While remote work can be a great asset to any business, it can also be a major hindrance if done poorly. Answer the following questions to determine whether your remote team could use a reboot.

1. Is getting necessary data difficult for your team members?

2. Does it take your employees a while to get started each day?

While we all may not be morning people, our tech shouldn’t be the deterrent from a productive workday. Do you find your employees are hindered by too many processes of log-ins, check-ins, and boot-ups to get started at the beginning of the day rather than being able to dive into work?

3. Does your team go through the get-started process multiple times each day?

Is your team required to log back into everything after a lunch break or after stretching their legs? Do they lose connections with VPN or their remote desktop? This can be a major time-waster after a while!

4. Is your process too complex?


A. Is it hard to train?

B. Does the process affect their workflow when they are not remote?

C. Does data easily get confused or lost?

When you have a remote work solution that doesn’t integrate well with your regular work environment, that means you’re training your people twice, once for the remote work and once for the regular office. So when you onboard them, they learn how to do their jobs at both locations, it doubles the training time. It also adds a great level of confusion. When the process is complicated and complex, it’s easy to forget a step in one place or add a step in the other, leading to muddled communication and frustrated team members even for on-site employees. It also leads to nonsensical extra streams of communication, duplicate files, and lost files that end up where they shouldn’t be. When the process isn’t clear, it’s easy for people to make up their own processes that make sense only to them!

5. Does it take more than a few clicks to get to your data?

It takes two clicks for me to get right into the directory where all my data is stored, and this is the same directory that lives on all my employees’ team computers. It lives in such a way that everybody can access it. For all of us, it’s two clicks. Have your remote work teams go through and give you an example of how many clicks it takes to get to their data. You might even find that your local solution is inefficient, it might take half a dozen clicks for your regular employees who are onsite to get to their data, and that may not even be all of the needed data they regularly need to access in one place. Do a count and figure out how many clicks it takes to get to your data. If it’s more than a few, you may have a problem.


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it may be time to address your remote work solutions because they may not be as efficient as you might think! Need some assistance or wondering where to go from here? My team at Remote Work Made Simple is here to help you get your remote-working team on the right track leading to better communication, streamlined process, and growth. Schedule your consult.

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