One of the reasons why I chose to go remote with my team was out of a need to improve productivity. As a business owner and natural socializer, I enjoyed popping in on my employees while they worked. I am a fan of being interrupted, and I’m also keen on interrupting my people with new ideas and questions whenever they come to me. For my team, it was always a welcomed conversation, too.

However, while it was fun to interrupt each other, it really disrupted productivity. I was unintentionally causing chaos.

When I moved to Florida for a few months to get away from the Michigan winter, I was surprised to notice a major difference. It pulled me out of the workflow of the office and allowed my team to get their work done.

My social activities went from bothering my team to spending time with my wife and kids. I started channeling my energy more efficiently with no one around to interrupt.

As a result, my team and I were able to get things done. While shooting the breeze at the water cooler about the next big venture might be fun, removing distractions from my employees was a game-changer. I get more work done and so does my team. My family enjoys the extra time we spend together now too!

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