When you think of “going remote” I’m sure plenty of things may come to mind as there is more than one remote work solution. With ever-changing technology, some are great resources, but there are also tools that are just outdated and cumbersome.  

When I chose to go remote, one of my main goals was to find solutions that would help me be productive rather than hinder my workflow. I quickly got tired of utilizing old-fashioned tools like remote controlling a computer to get access to data in my office or having databases that are only available on on-premise servers. These old ways of doing things simply aren’t necessary anymore with modern toolsets. 

When I changed my business’s processes, I was able to see a dramatic difference in my productivity. Now, through Remote Work Made Simple, I am happy to see these old junky tools gone so business owners like myself can enjoy improving their productivity and being able to have a productive day from just about anywhere. 

So, are you and your team stuck in the past? Give us a call and let’s start making the changes you need that will make your business better!