Hi, I’m Albert Steed, coming to you from East Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan, from the marina on the boat. Today, we’re talking about how I managed to get my business to be a remote work-friendly business. 

One of the things that I noticed when I was working remotely is that my productivity was not great when we were using our traditional, classical remote work solutions. VPN, remote desktop. This really bugged me because I had to get work done and I did not enjoy seeing my productivity drop just because I was out and about. 

When I made the decision to move our files and folders out of our traditional file server and into the Microsoft teams and Microsoft 365 solution, my productivity not only increased while I was out in the world, it increased while I was in the office. This was huge. I went from being afraid and scared of having poor productivity and its effect my business, to having the freedom to work from anywhere and have it raise productivity. It changed my view of how I run my business and has been a great tool for me going forward with having a remote team. 

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How to Get Microsoft 365 Set Up Right


Prepare your business to go remote and discover: 

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