When I made the decision to make my business a remote-centered business, the first thing I had to do was figure out what the right initial step was. I wanted my team to be more productive and able to get stuff done. 

The first decision for the business I made was to get rid of our file server. In truth, this choice dictated a lot of my business decisions for the better moving forward. 

When I removed that file server and put everything into the team’s environment from the Microsoft 365 solution, it really opened my eyes to how inefficient the file server had been. I realized how much of an outdated solution it is for modern businesses. 

I picked the right solution for my team by making that first transition of asking, “what tech have we been using that outdated and old school?” We made the cut over to something new that worked better for us and were able to really work out the bugs.  

That first decision brought my business into the modern workforce and lead to a great remote work solution. 

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How to Get Microsoft 365 Set Up Right


Prepare your business to go remote and discover: 

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  • Different types of user “access” and why you may choose one over another

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