Let’s talk about how I took my business and turned it into a remote work business.

I knew I needed to pick a good solution when moving remote. There was so much stress involved for me and my team while utilizing old technology like VPNs and Remote Desktop tools.

The amount of stress it gave me made me not want to do the work. I knew that in order to become more efficient, we needed to remove these antiquated tools. We created a test matrix to see how doing so would work. We removed our file server, doing it into Microsoft 365 and into teams.

This simple first step was revolutionary in simplifying work flow.

It reduced stress while allowing me to work around world, across the country, and in co-work spaces.

So if you’re stressed out and tired of your business’s outdated technology, choose the right solution and get rid of old tools. Choose a good platform to which you can move files and folders. This is a tested and proven great first start.

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How to Get Microsoft 365 Set Up Right


Prepare your business to go remote and discover: 

  • How to easily understand user permissions 
  • The importance of developing and maintaining an organizational chart
  • Different types of user “access” and why you may choose one over another

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