Hi, Albert Steed here, President of Remote Work Made Simple, coming to you from East Grand Travers Bay here in Michigan, on the boat, in the Marina. I’m talking about why I created Remote Work Made Simple and why I have a remote friendly business.

Any time you make a decision on your business, I believe it should have at least some thought toward profitability. Increasing profitability is one of the big reasons I’ve decided to make this business and have a remote friendly team.

One of the ways it increases my profitability is because having a great remote work tool gives me the ability and the freedom to focus on my highest value work. When I’m working in the office and with the team, I can get sidetracked very easily into low value things, into operational things that I have much better people, smarter people, more knowledgeable people for. If I’m involved, I’m what I like to call, “creating chaos.”

So, when I’m able to work from anywhere, I am able to get out of the office and get to places where I can focus the best. That means I am going to be working on my highest value work, and I’m not getting myself down into the details with low value areas of business so I found that my profitability increased tremendously once I was able to focus and really drive down towards my highest value work. 



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How to Get Microsoft 365 Set Up Right


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