While working remotely offers many benefits to employees, 69% of remote employees feel detached from their teammates. This lack of connectivity can lower employee retention and can make it difficult for employees to see their larger purpose.

To make sure your remote team feels connected to the rest of their coworkers, it is important to engage in remote team building.

Do you want other tips for leading remote teams? Keep reading this article for the top tips for building a cohesive team.

Start by Hiring the Right People

The first step in having a cohesive remote team is to start by hiring the right people. Because there are so many challenges that come along with remote work, you need to make sure your employees are prepared to deal with these.

You cannot build a company culture after you have already hired your team. Instead, it starts at the hirings stage. Make sure your teammates all have the same goals for your business and emulate your company’s core values.

This way, you can be sure that your employees will be willing to work together, whether it is for work projects, team-building activities, or anything else.

Communicate Your Company Vision and Culture

Next, you need to communicate your company vision and culture with each of your employees. If you and your remote team are not on the same page when it comes to company goals, you will not be able to effectively work together.

Regularly start discussions about your company goals, values, and other things that contribute to the culture. This can greatly increase each of your employee’s sense of belonging.

Having these clear goals will make remote team management much more effective.

Start Daily Meetings or Breaks

Something that helped many businesses succeed during their initial transition to remote work is having daily meetings or get-togethers. This is a great technique that can help build morale between distributed teams.

Having a daily meeting, especially in the morning, is an easy way to establish a routine, discuss what needs to be done.

It can also be helpful to have set times for breaks. For example, many companies host a remote lunch break where people can video chat with their coworkers while they eat. This is a great way to bond over things other than work responsibilities.

As you start your remote web workplace setup, consider starting each day with some type of group meeting or conversation.

Use Creative Activities to Bond

It is also important that you find creative activities that can help your team bond outside of work. With in-person teams, you may go out to lunch together or find other ways to meet together.

However, this can be more difficult when your employees are spread across different locations. It requires a bit of creativity to come up with virtual team activities!

One thing that you can do is schedule a lunch delivery for all of your local remote workers. This way, you can have the perks of going to lunch together while staying remote. You can also organize virtual events, like trivia and other competitions.

These virtual activities, while not work-related, will help establish a deeper bond between your employees.

Use Collaborative Tools

Something else that will make it easier for your team to feel cohesive while they work remotely is to start using collaborative tools. Having the right tools makes it much easier for you to arrange work projects, communicate together, and collaborate on other assignments.

Some of the most common collaborative tools include Slack, Asana, Microsoft 365, and more.

These tools all improve productivity in a remote workplace, help create flexibility for your employees, and can even lower your remote business costs!

Start a Friendly Competition

Another thing that can make it easy for your remote employees to bond together and become a cohesive team is by starting friendly competitions. These can be done both inside work and outside of work.

For example, you can create a competition between teams in your company. This way, specific teams will have to work together to reach company goals.

However, other companies offer other challenges, like fitness challenges. This can inspire employees to prioritize and improve their health, whether this is in the foods they eat, how much they move their bodies, and more.

These competitions will help your employees work toward a common goal and can improve their teamwork for work projects as well.

Reward & Recognize Employees

Finally, you should do what you can to reward and recognize your employees when you are managing remote teams. One of the reasons why so many remote workers struggle in their distributed team is that they feel like they do not make a difference.

It can be easy to lose sight of your importance when you are a remote employee. By regularly rewarding your employees for their good work, you will encourage them to become even better.

You can also create a form that other employees can fill out when they want to recognize their coworkers. This will increase the camaraderie between your remote employees and will help them feel important to your company.

Need Help With the Tools so You Can Focus on Remote Team Building?

When you need help with remote team control, using remote team-building exercises is a simple way to connect your team, both remote employees and in-office employees. By following each of these tips, you can build a cohesive team that works more productively.

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