Did you know that 68% of the working population with postgraduate degrees worked from home at some point over the past year?

Business owners are doing more and more to enable their teams to work remotely, for everyone’s benefit. Remote workers tend to be calmer, better able to focus, and less distracted than their counterparts in the office. For that reason, many company owners are choosing remote work software as the future of their company.

However, while working remotely sounds great, it is not as easy as many people think.

Companies have to devote time and energy to creating an environment that accommodates remote workers. What constitutes a remote work environment that is profitable, productive, and happier?

Keep reading for some insight into how to choose the right remote work software for your team.

Figuring Out the Problems That Your Remote Work Software Can Solve

To choose the right kind of remote work toolkit for your business, you first need to understand what problems need solving. Some remote working problems are universal to remote workplaces.

You might also have some specific issues that are unique to your business model.

The remote work software you choose should be able to solve the specific problems that your remote team is having.

Some common remote work issues include:

  • Difficulty communicating and collaborating with teammates
  • Lack of accountability and structure
  • Feeling isolated from the company culture
  • Keeping your business secure whilst remote
  • Holding team meetings remotely

Your remote work software should help to alleviate these issues, not make them worse. It can help to list all the problems you’re having down.

Then, you can start assessing the kind of software you need to make remote work efficient.

Benefits of Selecting One Group of Software like Microsoft 365

One approach to take when choosing remote work software is to grab software from lots of different places. This isn’t the right approach to take for several reasons.

When you’re trying to get everyone on the same page with remote work, it’s important to have one group of software that everyone is using.

There are several benefits of selecting one group of software like Microsoft 365. For starters, it means your whole team is using the same kind of software.

This is essential for efficient collaboration within your team.

It also means that your software is designed to work as a unit. Many connective settings can link certain solutions like Microsoft Teams in with other Microsoft 365 solutions.

By taking advantage of these, you can link up your entire remote work system using one software provider. Microsoft solutions in particular can make remote working easier for any workforce.

Set Up Microsoft 365 Deployment With a Package Deal

Another benefit of the Microsoft 365 suite of solutions is that you can access a package deal. This takes the process of deciding which solutions you need entirely out of the equation.

Package deals mean you can access all the software your company needs at once. There are certain deals specifically designed for remote working companies, like the 365 business package.

These will allow you to access essential tools for business remote working, all for one recurring price.

This subscription model is also helpful, as it means you can switch your remote working software at any time if you’re not happy with it.

Aim for a subscription model if it’s available, and you can modify your setup without a significant financial loss to your company.

Don’t Forget About Remote Work Security

Security should always be a top priority for your business, regardless of whether you have remote workers or not. However, it’s even more important to consider when you’re dealing with remote work.

This is because remote work software deals with sensitive company data.

When you’re looking at different remote work solutions, make sure to ask about their security features first. You should also look to obtain software specifically designed to deal with your company’s security.

If you forget about this key area, it can end up in a serious data breach for your company.

Make Sure You Train Your Remote Workforce on Your Remote Work Solutions Ahead of Time

Finally, once you’ve decided on your remote work solutions and have set everything up, make sure to train your remote workforce on your remote work solutions ahead of time.

This will ensure that everyone can use the software properly and won’t run into any issues.

You can provide training through various methods. However, it’s usually worth doing this in your office first, so that everyone can learn in a group.

Then, when they know how to remote work, you can top up their knowledge with remote training.

If you’d rather not handle training yourself, you can also hire an external trainer. You’ll just need to brief them on which Microsoft 365 business package you’ve chosen for your remote workforce.

If you don’t train your team, you’re putting your company at risk. For starters, your employees may not even know how to use certain types of software.

This means they’re not doing their jobs as efficiently as they could be. You’ll also be opening your company up to many serious security concerns.

Training should be the last thing you do, but it’s one of the most important stages in establishing a productive, motivated workforce today.

Where Can I Find Out More About Remote Working Software?

When it comes to remote work software, Microsoft solutions can make things a lot easier for any workforce. By taking advantage of Microsoft 365, you can get your whole remote team on the same page and set up a system that’s designed to work together.

If you’re looking to improve your remote work setup, our team can fully evaluate your processes. We can help advise on different software solutions through Microsoft consulting services, and make sure that your entire team is on board with productive remote working in the future

Just contact us to find out more.

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