A recent survey found that 30% of employees now work at fully remote companies. An additional 43% of respondents said that part of the team is fully remote.

Are you among the many business owners looking for better ways of managing remote teams? Do you need to clarify your policies and processes for a remote environment?

Microsoft consulting services can help you design a more effective remote operational framework. Microsoft 365 is a leading solution for businesses with remote workers. Consulting services help you optimize your use of this platform in your operations.

Learn more about what Microsoft consulting services can do for you and your business.

What Is an Operational Framework?

An operational framework lays out how your company does business. It promotes a corporate culture. It starts with your management structure.

Then the operational framework outlines the policies for your organization. These policies can include general guiding principles like a code of conduct. They may also cover more specific topics. Risk management procedures and internal controls are some examples.

Most organizations put guidelines for core business processes into their operational frameworks. These guidelines should be broad. They may address topics like business planning, reporting, audits, and performance reviews.

Importance of an Operational Framework for Your Remote Workplace

A clear operational framework is critical for the success of your organization.

It builds a corporate identity. It promotes a unified corporate vision and fosters collaboration. It helps you achieve your business goals.

An operational framework is especially important when managing remote teams. A remote workplace can suffer from challenges like:

  • Difficulties communicating
  • Problems using technology
  • Issues with cyber security
  • Increased distractions

Your operational framework can foster better communication. It helps avoid silos.

Clear IT policies and procedures will reduce the number of technology-related problems. They help prevent security breaches.

Keeping employees at all levels focused on the same goals improves motivation. It boosts productivity. A defined accountability structure promotes better performance.

Microsoft 365 and Your Operational Framework

Implementing an operational framework takes planning and strategy. Employees and managers need to follow the structures and processes in your framework. You need data to evaluate the performance of employees as well as larger systems.

Advantages of Microsoft 365

Microsoft offers software solutions that can help you advance toward your goals. Microsoft 365 with Teams supports improved productivity and connectivity for your remote workforce. It provides a unified remote environment for a more seamless experience.

Your organization probably already uses Microsoft products. The interface is familiar for your employees. You can implement it more easily in your remote operational framework.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud solution. You can securely stream your Windows experience to any device. You can access your personalized apps, content, and settings.

Benefits of Microsoft Consulting Services for Implementing Your Remote Operational Framework

Successfully creating and implementing a remote operational framework can be complicated. Microsoft consulting services can help you get the most from your platform solution. You can optimize your processes to achieve the goals in your operational framework.

Microsoft consulting includes a range of services such as:

  • Technical support
  • IT architecture advising
  • Project management
  • Business analysis

Microsoft consultants can implement solutions as an extension of your IT department. They can also turn implementation over to your internal team.

Faster Deployment

You can deploy Microsoft 365 more quickly with Microsoft consulting services. Consultants help ensure your remote workers have access to the right applications. They can train your employees on using Microsoft tools.

Your teams don’t waste time trying to figure out how the software works on their own.

More Effective Communication

Effective communication and collaboration are a key part of implementing your operational framework. It’s more challenging with a remote workforce, though. Microsoft Teams is a leading collaboration platform for remote workers.

It brings chat, calls, meetings, Microsoft 365 apps, and third-party tools together. Managing remote teams is easier with a seamless platform. Integrated apps let you communicate more effectively.

Microsoft consultants help you get more from the collaboration tools in Microsoft 365. You can keep everyone informed in a more meaningful way.

Consultants will help you and your employees streamline workflows. You can use features like threaded conversations, discussion threads, and groups.

Better Security

Your business cyber security practices are especially critical in a remote workplace. A Microsoft consulting services provider will evaluate your current security. They will design solutions to make your business and your employees more secure.

Security focuses on areas like:

  • Cloud security and identity
  • Mobility
  • Data protection
  • Infrastructure

Consultants will help you better protect against internal and external cyber threats.

Intelligent Business Process Automation

Microsoft 365 offers many ways to automate business processes. It automates repetitive manual tasks to improve productivity and efficiency. Business process automation makes implementing your operational framework easier.

Microsoft consulting services help you maximize the benefits of business process automation. You can identify the best workflows to automate. Artificial intelligence can further enhance these workflows.

Consultants can help you integrate automation into desktop, mobile, web, and Teams environments.

Optimized Business Analytics

Better data and analytics help you make better business decisions. Microsoft Business Intelligence uses technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. The analytics platform scales with your organization.

You get the solutions you need.

Microsoft consulting services help you maximize the capabilities of Microsoft 365. You can gather the right data and turn it into meaningful information. You can share the information with stakeholders in your organization across multiple devices.

Microsoft Consulting Services from Remote Work Made Simple

Creating and implementing your remote operational framework is important for your business. Microsoft consulting services can make the process more efficient and successful.

Remote Work Made Simple is a Microsoft Silver Partner. Our expertise helps maximize your Microsoft 365 environment for your remote workplace.

We start with a comprehensive assessment of your business operations. We assess gaps in your remote teams’ workflow. Then we work with you to set up an actionable plan.

We’ll repair the gaps and implement your remote solution.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting. Get the powerful insight you need to make remote work for your business.

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