Experts have predicted that 73% of departments will have remote workers by 2028. Therefore, to stay competitive, your company will also need to hire remote workers. You may not, however, know how to go through this process effectively.

If so, read on to learn some interview questions to ask remote workers. They should help make building a remote workforce easier for you.

1. Have You Worked Remotely Before?

If a candidate has not worked with a remote business before, he or she is at a disadvantage. They won’t know how to deal with the common challenges faced by remote workers. This can slow down their productivity and impact your business.

Ask this question. Then you can avoid this issue if you prioritize workers with remote worker skills.

2. How Do You Overcome [Remote Work Issue]?

This is another excellent question to assess how well a candidate works in a remote environment. Candidates with action plans for problems are less likely to get slowed down by them.

Examples of common remote work problems include internet outages, needing help, etc. If you wish, you can ask this question multiple times; each with a different challenge.

3. Which Communication Platforms Do You Use?

If remote employees aren’t reachable, you can’t guide them effectively. It’s important to make sure all your employees use the same communication platforms well.

This is, of course, a trainable skill. If a candidate is skilled enough, teaching them how to use a platform can be worth it. However, there’s no need to waste this time if it’s unnecessary.

4. How Do You Keep Your Life and Work Separate?

One perk of remote work is that an employee can have what they love close by. This can include their hobbies, family, and so on.

The problem is that these can distract your worker. Make sure your worker has a plan for staying focused on their work.

5. What Keeps You Motivated?

Motivation is a common problem in a remote workforce. Without a superior constantly guiding them, some employees get off task. Ask this question to know if your candidates can fight this urge.

6. How Often Do You Take Breaks?

People who are workaholics are actually less productive. It’s better to have employees that can pace themselves. This way, you won’t have workers that burn out on you.

7. Why Do You Like Remote Work?

A candidate can be great at working remotely, but not enjoy it. This lack of enthusiasm may make them less productive. Prioritize having a happy remote workforce over an unhappy one if you can.

After You Hire Remote Workers, Consider Our Services

Beyond these questions, try to figure out what an ideal remote worker would look like to you. Even if you haven’t run a remote business before, you should have some great insights. You can then use these to create your own interview questions.

Also, if after you hire remote workers your business struggles, consider our services. We assess the effectiveness of your team in a remote setting. Then, we will assist you in making your team as productive as it can be.

If this sounds interesting to you, don’t hesitate. Contact us as soon as you can!


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